Magic Money Makeover

It’s finally your turn to say goodbye to money stress & worry, and welcome to the peace of mind & confidence that comes with a Magic Money Makeover! This overhaul of your finances will open your mind to re-frame money in a way that will relieve yourself of unnecessary financial burdens & connect you to a new and exciting life!

Once you feel in control of your finances – you begin living life from a place of happiness, joy and prosperity.

What you need to know:

1)     This program is self-directed learning. You will access the program through The Money Counsellor website online. When you finish module 1, access module 2 and so forth. You decide when it is convenient for you to participate.

2)     There are a total of 4 Modules consisting of 5-10 lessons per module, each Module averaging 45 minutes in length. In just 3 hours you will be on your way to magically making over your money story and unlocking your financial potential!

 3)     What I teach you in Magic Money Makeover is exactly how I manage my own money AND I have been teaching people how to manage their money this exact same way since 2003! I know it works for others, and not just me, because I had my clients complete a survey 1-2 years after working with me and 96% of them were still using the same tools!!! That was so impressive I have been focused on how to help more people ever since!

This proven technique will give you clarity & direction. It will help you to understand what you are doing well and what you can improve upon.

I will help you understand why you have been set up for failure but how you can now take it upon yourself to have control over your financial future!

I'm super excited to bring you this opportunity and the fact that you found it, tells me you are READY!!!!



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