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Release the Root Causes of Your Financial Stress with BEAM™

BEAM™ is an energetic healing method that releases emotional trauma that has been stored in your energy field over your lifetime. In the busyness of life, we don't often reflect on the massive accumulation of trauma we have experienced; like when you fell off your bike, got bit by that dog, were centered out and embarassed in front of the whole room. And that is not considering traumas that may be more tragic or heavy.

When you think about it, there are likely thousands of traumatic events that block our energy field, not allowing us to experience our maximum flow of well being. And when it comes to money, those traumatic experiences can keep us stuck in fear and lack, no matter what efforts we make to change it.

Since my family and I have personally benefited from this amazing modality, I have felt compelled to share the power of BEAM™. After becoming a BEAM™ Practitioner, I completed a case study with 13 women over 10 weeks. The results were undeniable and POWERFUL! 

I now offer BEAM™ as a service to compliment the practical and empowerment aspects of my work. BEAM™ removes blocks to your potential and allows your current thoughts around money to shift. And shift they do! 

I facilitate BEAM™ over distance, in group, with discretion and privacy. No one will know you are participating, unless you share.

Are you ready to FEEL the benefits of BEAM™?  Wouldn't it be nice to feel better about money? 

Love & light,

Janet Ries. RSSW


The Money Counsellor


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