Online do-it-yourself program

Are you ready for your very own Magic Money Makeover?

Welcome to a new way of looking at your money & simple tools that are EASY to create & utilize! 

The Magic Money Makeover is made up of 4 modules and a valuable workbook that you must print off to maximize the program. Each module is 45 minutes. You can consume it all at once or one module at a time. It is totally up to you! 


After the Magic Money Makeover you will;

  • See your money with clarity & understanding like never before!
  • Reclaim all the time & money you currently spend trying your best!
  • Appreciate thinking of money only once a week!
  • Gain a money management system in which you can see your progress!
  • Create an easy routine that you actually look forward to!
  • Find a mutual place to connect with your partner around finances!
  • Have the capacity to make your dreams come true!

Breathe into all of that. How will your life be different?  

Not only do you get the system tools - 2 simple yet effective documents, but you ALSO get tips & guidance on how to overcome the most common issues & hurdles that I have seen families stuck on over the last 15 years.


And don't worry.....this program is not;

  • tedious documentation of spending 
  • difficult (especially for those who are "not good at math")
  • designed by someone who speaks above you
  • negative in any way
  • boring or flashy

I have been teaching this method of money management since 2003. I am known for my direct & positive approach to money. My clients have had so much success with my one on one service, I decided to create a DIY version that is cost effective and therefore accessible to more people!!!

Welcome! I am SO excited for you!

Janet Ries, RSSW

P.S. You will be asked to create an account using your email address in order to access the program through our website log in. Just wanted to give you a heads up as to what to expect. See you on the inside!


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