Every entrepreneur & business owner we have ever worked with is passionate about what they do. And 99% of them are AH-MAZING at what they do too! However when it comes to finances there is much to be desired. Not because they don't want to have optimal finances, but because they don't know where to start.

It's ok! Join the club! The majority of businesses fail because of their lack of financial know how. The fact that you are here reading this right now dramatically increases your odds of success!

Choose to gain the expertise you need to grasp the financial piece of your passion. Choose to gain the skills for your business that will give you the advantage and foundational understanding necessary to compliment your business and improve your communication when working with other financial professionals such as; accountants, bookeepers & financial advisors. NO one will ever look after your business and your money like you will! 

The Money Counsellor will organize your information & flush out your financial routines. Our thorough and foundational approach is what you need to CAPTURE YOUR BUSINESS POTENTIAL & DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR PROFIT & EFFICIENCY! 

Let's have clear conversations to create a snapshot of your finances, create a financial routine and review recommendations that will improve your business bottom line & efficiency. How much are you actually earning? Do you get a weekly pay cheque? What can you do today to make your ideal business come to life right before your very eyes?

If you want to adjust the outcomes to your answers you are in the right place! Having an objective person to give you insight and ask questions about how you do business allows for new ways of thinking...AND new ways of enjoying your business and life that being a business owner allows each and every day! Isn't that why we have our own business anyway?

We reframe your thinking, from impact to intention! It's time to end the shame and fear around money. Release the negative cloud around your finances now and you will be surprised at how much more your business will have to offer...both to your clients and to yourself!

Yes!!! I would love to get a clear handle on my business finances so that I can make confident financial decisions to create the business I LOVE that supports me financially!!!


  • one time 5-7 hour session of personal business support
  • the creation of your Master Plan
  • creation of financial routine
  • recommendations checklist
  • step by step implementation plan of options
  • gaining clarity, understanding, prioritzation & routine for your business financess
  • capacity to better work with, understand and comprehend any other financial service in relation to your business ie. accountant, bookeeping, banking
  • unlimited support & follow up included 

You will be contacted to set up a mutually agreeable date & time for this service if not already done.

***For on line group learning we will take the same approach as outlined above using a fictitious example and learners will create their own documents using the training provided. There is capacity for extensive Q+A however no followup or ongoing support included

We look forward to working with you! 

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