The Money Counsellor offers various workshops & training opportunities, in person & on line, for both households & small businesses! 

We understand the multitude of barriers around accessing financial information & the lack of trust. Most people will talk about sex before they talk about money lol!

How often are we spoken to by professionals we go to for help, in terms not familiar to us? How often have you agreed with something just so you wouldn't look stupid, eventhough you really didn't fully understand?


Gone are the days that only the wealthy can get wealthier! It's great to be rich and you can be too! We are committed to make this information accessible to all who are seeking a positive relationship with money :)


Current Opportunities


Are you ready to Master the financial aspect of your business so you can LEVEL UP?

We connect business owners to the information that will elevate you, support you and empower you to take a HUGE leap forward in providing your passion to the world!!!  

And please trust me when I say it is interactive, interesting & you will LOVE it!!! (eventhough I KNOW most financial workshops are terribly painful!)


If You're Ready to:

  • Solidify your Business
  • Redefine your business Goals
  • Redesign your salary... or finally get one
  • Confirm your direction...............

  • Then our training sessions are for you!


Knowing what we want is required in order for us to manifest it. But understanding what we want in a way that makes it achievable, believable & receivable is KEY to making it actually happen! This is so much more than setting goals. It is the tools, skills & comprehension you won't want to miss!

Join us and gain the skills & confidence you need to reach the level of success & joy in your life that you have only dreamed of... until now!!


LIVE TRAINING - Upskill Your Business Finances! 

You will learn how to:

a) take control of your finances

b) make confident financial decisions

c) achieve your goals

d) understand your current financial snapshot

e) set yourself up for success - whatever that means to you!


You will receive:

a)  6 hours of interactive LIVE training

b) 1 workbook

c) Q & A opportunities

d) exercises to solidify learning

e) refreshments


Testimonial from Business Client...

"After 13 years of running my own business, one that I love, I realized that “financially” that “love” had faded to despair and anxiety. I knew it was consuming me but I didn’t know what to do. Then I met Janet, but still I thought "how could I pay someone to help me when I couldn’t afford to pay them?!” Janet was more than wonderful. She was patient and supportive and was there to catch me when I finally took that leap of faith to work with her.

After just 1 session, I gained the clarity & skills that have allowed me to release the emotional weight I lived with for far too long! Not only have I gained peace of mind but now my money works for me and that is so exciting!

Finding the courage to ask for help was definitely the hardest part but truthfully, Janet has totally changed my life and set me on a path of business growth! Thank you Janet!"

              Heather Chapman - Owner, Heather Chapman Designs


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LIVE TRAINING - For Households

Change Your Money Story!

If you are ready to take your life from Stressed to Blessed then this training is for you!

The best part about getting your finances under wraps is getting a good night's sleep! Having no money stress is the most common reason why our approach appeals to people. We are thrilled that we can help you achieve your goals & live a life focused on the positive!

When it comes to couples, getting on the same page as eachother is so valuable because a simple financial routine is truly life changing. It makes us better parents, better partners, better at our jobs and feeling better about ourselves & life overall. And once it's better, BEST is just around the corner!!!

You will walk with us, step by step through the process of organizing your financial information to gain clarity around your finances like you have never had before!

This understanding will allow you to consider all your options and feel confident in your decisions!!! We will create a detailed plan for you to achieve the goals you identify now and for the future.

Should you sell your home? Can I take a vacation without going into more debt? When can we get out of debt?  These are just some of the questions you will finally be able to answer, for yourself! 

Gain the freedom and feel confident making financial decisions! It's FINALLY an option with The Money Counsellor!




  • 2 - 2hr training sessions including practical application
  • Step by step set up of 2 simple money tools that create success
  • 10 best kept secrets of how to finally Master your finances
  • Live Q+A with problem solving expert
  • Waste & Limits checklist
  • Promise to your Potential poster
  • Financial Wellness snapshot
  • Comprehension & Clarity that moves you from Overwhelmed to Excited!

 ***You will be required to do an at-home mission in preparation for the second session


 Testimonial from Household Client:

"Janet is amazing!! I love how she gives you an HONEST opinion on things and gets you thinking! She is so friendly and extremely encouraging! She NEVER once made me feel bad for being in the situation I have found myself in!! She has a VERY POSITIVE outlook! Constantly reminding you right then and there that "that is the way you used to be". I definitely love her style! My husband loved her too!!! =) You definitely walk away with a wealth of new knowledge and a confidence that you can get out of the situation your in and develop a positive relationship with money! I really feel like I got my money's worth out of this investment! I feel truly supported!! Thanks so much for an amazing experience Janet!! I would DEFINITELY recommend Janet!!"

            Amber Bradburn, Bowmanville 


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