The best part about getting your finances under wraps is getting a good night's sleep! Having no money stress is the most common reason why our approach appeals to people and we are thrilled that we can help you achieve your goals & live a life focused on the positive!

When it comes to couples, getting on the same page as eachother is so valuable because a solid financial routine is truly life changing. It makes us better parents, better partners, better at our jobs and feeling better about ourselves & life overall. And once it's better, BEST is just around the corner!!!

The great part is that we do all the work. You take it all in...allowing your mind to shift to what is really important to you. You will walk with us, step by step through the process of organizing your financial information to gain clarity around your finances like you have never had before!

This understanding will allow you to consider all your options and feel confident in your decisions.  We will create a detailed plan for you to achieve the goals you identify now and for the future.

Should you sell your home? Can I take that vacation without going into more debt? When can we get out of debt? Explore your options, as painlessly as possible with The Money Counsellor. These are just some of the questions you will finally be able to answer, for yourself!

Gain the freedom and feel confident making financial decisions! It's FINALLY an option with The Money Counsellor!



  • a meeting in your own home (or alternate) that lasts approx. 5 hours
  • assessment & analysis of all financial details
  • master plan
  • 2 month routine
  • recommendations checklist
  • goal achievement plan
  • an electronic version of each document, invoice & receipt
  • follow up & unlimited phone & email support 

I understand that I will be contacted to set up a mutually agreeable appointment time unless it has been pre-arranged. 

Are you ready? I look forward toworking with you :)



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