Magic Money Makeover LIVE! on line Fluctuating Income

Are you self-employed? Do you feel lost when it comes to managing money because you never know how much is coming in...or when? Then this training is for YOU!

Do you want to put money in it's place, as the tool that it is, so that you can focus on the the business you are so passionate about? 

Welcome! You are in the RIGHT PLACE!!!

I invite YOU to join ME, Janet Ries, a Registered Social Service Worker, who enjoys numbers and also appreciates simplicity and consistency when it comes to managing money. I am the Founder of The Money Counsellor and have been OBJECTIVELY helping households & small business with their finances for more than 15 years!

So what's in it for you?

  • SEE how you have been set up for failure when it comes to money
  • organize your finances in a way that makes sense TO YOU
  • set yourself up FOR SUCCESS with a simple routine
  • finally, FEEL CAPABLE AND EXCITED about your finances!!!

I teach in a relaxed and relatable style, using illustrations, examples and stories of past clients, all to enhance your learning and keep this training interesting and relevant to you! 

This training is LIVE, so you can ask questions pertaining to your specifics during and at the end of the training.

After you register you will receive your workbook and the link(s) to the training.

If you are READY to focus on your passion and see clearly where your business stands financially, then this training is for YOU! 

As a LIVE event, there is limited capacity! Don't miss out! Register now!


See you in the training!!!

Janet Ries, RSSW 

Founder, CEO

The Money Counsellor

One on One Service for Businesses & Households

Organizing your finances is like having your garage or basement cleaned out, but the best part is, I’ll do the heavy lifting! Businesses often have financial statements but have no idea what they really mean OR if they are making the best day to day financial decisions for themselves.

Households, well they are hanging on the best they can but are overwhelmed, stressed out and not enjoying their day to day life because of this.

Businesses are more complex however I use the same tools for both.

Your new financial routine will include:

Your New Master Financial Plan - This is the essence of your finances! You will be able to easily capture your income, pay yourself first, pay down your debt and work towards realizing your goals. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see your progress! Your Master Financial Plan is also super easy to update, which is great when life happens or when it comes time to set new goals!

Your New Routine – Your financial routine will be based on your preferences, goals and lifestyle. Don't worry, you're simply reacquainting yourself with your money in a simple & consistent way!

Customized Recommendations For You - I know that making a change isn’t always easy, but I believe in your ability to make the best decisions for yourself, and I will make recommendations that will help ease you into your fantastic new way of life. 

In the end, you’ll get rock-solid tools that work for you! I will teach you how to apply your new-found knowledge and make your new plan operate like a well-oiled machine, all bringing you closer to your goals!

To get started on your journey to financial wellness, conveniently choose an appointment day and time that best suits you. Talk to you soon!


$1,250.00 CAD