The Universal truth is that our emotional & material world is connected. Our vibration of well being & worthiness is based on how well we take care of ourselves & meet our own needs emotionally.


This vibration is reflected back to us in the material world through our wellness, stability, finances, experiences & how we feel.


Maintaining a high vibration allows us to reclaim our sovereignty, innate wellness & abundance. This non-invasive & non-chemical approach heals our energy field by dissolving programming & clearing past traumas, the root cause of our low vibration & therefore all perceived "issues".


Our workshops introduce you to the power of vibration around topics that are pertinent to you. There is nothing wrong. No one is to blame. This is the fantastical evolution of humanity!

From Quitting to Alignment

The word "quitting" holds low vibrational energy, including blame, shame & failure. It also holds many stories from our past, our families, statistics etc. When we focus our energy in more enjoyable ways, we don't have to "quit" anything!

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From Lack to Abundance

Shining a light on how we hold ourselves in the vibration of lack allows us to evolve from it. Knowing what abundance sounds like, feels like & looks like creates a strong resonance within your field that you can build upon.

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From Conflict to Peace

Do you feel stuck, reviewing & repeating the same low vibrational thoughts, feelings or regrets, sometimes years later? Understanding this from a vibrational perspective allows you to claim a more grounded energy so you can consciously choose how you prefer to feel instead!

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From Boredom to Magic

As the vibration of the planet rises, the things that used to feel good no longer make us feel the same way. Watching movies, eating in restaurants, going to a concert, all hold old 3D energy however,  you can claim those experiences as uplifting once again.

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Dissolving Victim Energy

When we become aware of the lower vibrational energies within us & around us, they lose their power over us. Only when they stay in the shadows (our subconscious), do they have control. Are you tired of feeling like a victim? That is an excellent place to be!

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From Fear to Faith

As we elevate our vibration, we hit multiple plateaus along the way. It is at these points that we experience fear & doubt, in ourselves & our abilities. Embody faith with ease & grace as you access the key test points for these pivotal elevations.

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Disrupting Codependency & Controlling Patterns

Only when we evolve above the who & why stories, can we focus on our own energy & feel into progress. Connecting the dots that led to our present vibration dissolves deep energetic patterns to create space for new ones to emerge.

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From Prostitution Energy to Empowerment

Sexual energy is creation energy, the most powerful energy of all! Choosing  instantly gratifying behaviours over creating  keeps us enslaved to the 3D paradigm. Dissolve your codependent sexual patterns in order to embody sensuality & creativity.

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Evolve from Perpetrator Energy

We have been programmed with energetic patterns that are not kind or healthy. Some are labelled so extreme that one can never escape the shame. Find closure for things that haunt you by integrating this elevated perspective into your existing vibration.

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