Maintaining an elevated vibration improves all facets of life. It shifts us from manifesting low vibrational feelings (fear, stress, anger, loneliness), to aligning to more of how you consciously want to feel instead. When we hold onto conflict, victim or waiting energy, we keep manifesting the "same old". The gift in this is that eventually we do realize that change requires a new approach.


Our programs offer easy day-to-day application that not only increase your vibration, but most importantly maintain this elevated vibration. Feel the results! Experience an elevated life!


Open to Abundance

The first level of our signature program connects you to the energy of abundance in your 4 main energy fields.  You will open your mind, connect with your emotions, immerse physically and feel into the unseen, all from an abundance perspective. These new connection points will elevate & align you to the vibration of abundance, required to manifest your dreams & desires effortlessly. Enjoy this practical, easy & fun process, and allow the magic of life to show you what is waiting for you!


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From Application to Embodiment

This 6 month program dripped over 6 weeks allows you to see the big picture of what's all entailed. After engaging one week at a time, you will then honour your intuition about what feels good for you next to focus on for one full month. Applying each understanding to your life will solidify your new love based belief system and dissolve all that is fear based even further.

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From Alignment to Transcendance

This final program of three from our Vibration Series guides you to overcome the programmed limitations of physical existence in order to thrive as a multi dimensional human being. This program is dripped out over 6 weeks. After completion of weekly application, you will immerse yourself in each lesson with one month focus, based on your intuition and what feels good next.

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