Full Service - Private & Personal Support

Household Money Organization & Planning Session 

Let us organize your finances & create a financial snapshot and routine that achieves your goals AND makes sense to you. 

Book your free 30 minute clarity call here to ask any questions you have

Business/Self-employed/Entrepreneur Financial Foundations & Next Level Exploration

We will work together to create a relatable financial baseline for your business; identify your business goals and determine how to maximize your efforts and dollars to achieve them.

Book your free 30 minute clarity call here to ask any questions you have

The above services are available via video call across the globe.              

Transitional Counselling  

We offer short term support for those experiencing transition around money such as separation/divorce, retirement, starting a business, transitioning a business etc. Email J[email protected] with any questions you may have. 

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Refresh - For Previous Clients

I offer a 2 hour session for past one-on-one clients who feel that they would benefit from a refresh of their Master Plan and Routine. Book your refresh session here


On-line D-I-Y Programs (self directed)

Magic Money Makeover - For Households with Paychecks

A step by step, on-line program that walks you through a total transformation of your day-to-day finances. Check out the introduction video & purchase here

Personal Coaching for Magic Money Makeover on-line Program

After participating in the Magic Money Makeover, if you feel you need further support, book your coaching call here. All support is offered via video call.

Unpack Your Money Baggage

A one hour webinar that connects your past to your present creates awareness so that you can unpack your money baggage.

Check out the details & purchase here


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