Our clients get the best results when they work with us one on one.


The idea of needing the services offered by The Money Counsellor can be intimidating.  Once you begin to work with The Money Counsellor, you begin to realize that finances are something you CAN understand and manage well too! We lay the foundation for you to get rid of money stress & overwhelm and start to trust your own judgement. It takes only minutes for any fear and shame to shift to excitement as you feel our confidence and compassion!


Clients become eager and excited to learn a better way! Getting a financial overhaul is like having your garage or basement cleaned out, but the best part - someone else is doing all the heavy lifting!


All you need to do is provide your financial paperwork and be present. In turn we will organize, prioritize and start you off fresh. We will help you to set up a new financial system that works for you and teach you how to apply the new-found knowledge in only minutes each week. We will set you up to live your best life. You CAN live without money stress, day to day, while joyfully witnessing your goals become your reality!


An appointment with The Money Counsellor results in 3 deliverables; 

1) Your Financial Master Plan - This document captures the essence of your finances! You can see the relationships between the numbers and easily update for any change in your lifestyle. Most importantly you are not dependent on us to utilize your Master Plan to it's greatest extent!  Capture your potential! See your progress! All on your Master Financial Plan.

2) Your Financial Routine - The structure of your routine is based on your preferences and lifestyle. It too can be easily revised at any time by you, without needing to rely on us. But if you do need support or have a question, access to The Money Counsellor for one full year from the appointment date is included in our service.

3) Recommendations - Because we've worked with thousands of clients, we easily recognize the patterns and pitfalls that have set you up to fail. We have figured out what works, and what doesn't. We respect our client's lifestyle and preferences when offering suggestions and options. We will never tell you what to do. We know our clients can make the best decisions for themselves once they understand their big picture. We are an unbiased source. 


Congratulations if you are ready to work with us!

Get ready to step up to then next level of your life!

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