"Big thanks to all of you who recommended Janet Ries, The Money Counsellor. How I felt before she arrived (hopeless, embarassed, worried etc.) vrs how I feel now - in control, aware and hopeful - well worth it all! I can see the light and that the tunnel was indeed put there by a system that wants to keep us confused and broke - thanks Janet! CALL THIS WOMAN!

KK, Whitby


"After years of struggling to feel confident about money management, Janet was my answer to learning how to turn things around! After all, what teacher can’t handle money, it’s simple math right? Janet builds a foundation with you and teaches you how to be consistent and focused! It is NOT just about numbers. No more shame or doubt around money and I actually feel excited about saving!"

JF, Whitby


"MMM is a fabulous product and you have the skills to deliver it in an online format. Working through the program solidified my goals, gave me clarity and most of all hope that I could make a huge change for the better despite my barriers (e.g., being a single income family of four). Budgets never work and always made me feel like a failure, but your solution focused approach delivers exactly what you claim."

ED, Uxbridge

"MMM absolutely gave me improved awareness. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming as before, having the actual numbers in front of me. I love the workbook, content is spot on to each module, and so geared to being used and referred to. I have notes scribbled everywhere."

PG, Pickering

"I am really drawn to the examples you give in Magic Money Makeover. It helps make the information stick. There is so much valuable information here, it has definitely changed my relationship to our money."

BJ, Ashburn

"Janet is so down to earth, friendly and funny. She is the reason my life is so much easier...it's been a month since we met with her and our finances are in better shape than ever before! The worry and stress have disappeared. I am so grateful we hired her."

AC, Cobourg

 "I had so many people recommend The Money Counsellor for the amazing work that they do, I knew I had to hire them! The clarity we gained from that one session and how she helped us overcome some personal money problems, we will be forever recommending The Money Counsellor as well."

EB, Courtice

"Loved Janet's info, tips and straight talk. She works with you and not "at" you."

LS, Blackstock

"Janet is incredible! Down to earth, fun and doesn't make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable about how your finances are. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of money or very little, Janet can help you with a very simple plan that is easy to stick to. I would definitely recommend The Money Counsellor to anyone."

WW, Oshawa

"What a wonderful experience I had last night. I attended a workshop by The Money Counsellor. She has so much knowledge and experience to guide you with billing problems. She also teaches you the proper way to address issues with utility companies. If you want to really know how to read your bills, you may be surprised at how little you know about the hidden charges. You won't be disappointed attending any of her workshops. Thanks again Janet. You are amazing!"

JH, Port Perry

"Working with The Money Counsellor gave us the confidence to move forward on one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives! Without the information The Money Counsellor offered, I don't know if we would have acted at all, let alone as swiftly or as confidently as we have. Thank you Janet!"

AP, Pickering

"In just 2 short years our family's life has been totally transformed due to working with The Money Counsellor. After I met Janet , I knew if anyone could help us improve our finances, she could. We will reap the rewards the rest of our lives."

MS, Ajax

"Thank you so much for teaching me how to read my bills and how to be nicely firm with people. I had cancelled our cable last month and returned all the boxes to see that they charged me this month for the boxes I returned! Was only $14.00 but still! I stuck to my guns cancelling all sorts of items we were being billed for, and unlike my old self I didn't let them convince me otherwise!"

AB, Bowmanville

"Really enjoyed the evening. Janet has a very welcoming, easy going style which made the class fun and informative."

BC, Oshawa

"We now have a workable budget with realistic goals. I wasn't made to feel financially incompetent but was shown where we could improve our finances. There is a light at the end of the tunnel."

D&S, Port Perry

"Honestly, it was the scariest thing...inviting a stranger into your home and exposing your troubles to them. But in the end it was the best thing ever! For us financially and for our relationship. In a short period of time we felt so comfortable. She made us feel like "wow, we can do this!"

T&B, Port Perry


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