The Money Counsellor is so sure that you will benefit and feel the life changing clarity that is created after working with us that I guarantee my service 100%.

If you did not experience clarity and/or feel that the tools we shared were simple to use, just email me at [email protected]  with a short description of what you feel is unclear or complicated. 

If I cannot determine how to improve your clarity or ease of use to your satisfaction, I will refund what you paid for the service. It is my commitment to you to make every reasonable effort we can to make you thankful you worked with us.

Please note, The Money Counsellor will not take responsibility if you have a deficit and need to create a surplus but are not willing to follow through with the recommendations made to do so.

As well, The Money Counsellor will only take responsibility for the satisfaction of the client(s) who have signed a Money Counsellor contract.

This guarantee is applicable for 30 days from the appointment date and does not apply to webinars or self-directed programs.


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