Well hello there!

And welcome :)

I feel honoured to share my story with you today. You may want you to know how I came to be The Money Counsellor and why I think I can help you.

For 10 years I had the honoured role of Social Service Worker under the ridiculously long name, Homelessness Prevention Outreach Worker of North Durham. I had an 800# that came into my home and I spent most of my time assessing people's situations and helping them access supports and services that would help. I witnessed endless families & indviduals struggle with money management & life skills that included probelm solving, communication and social impairments. What made it worse for them, was that many industries created an illusion that "they" were there to help them.  The financial industry, the social service industry, the non-profit industry all have their own targets and mandates. When you market yourself as available to help and then that person finds out that they don't qualify or that the solutions offered aren't really solutions at all, well let's just say that I knew within a very short period of time why people gave up trying.


Hello. My name is Janet Ries (pronounced Reese) and I founded The Money Counsellor in 2010 (Formerly Balancing Act Debt Resolution - see why I changed the name lol).


We offer an unbiased service that teaches people an easy to undertsand and apply system to manage their money in only 5 minutes a week! The first feedback I received when I began to offer this service was "I never thought of money that way before" and "that is soooo easy!". The first person I worked with who had no money problems per se but who I asked for feedback from, was shocked to learn how much money was slipping through her debit card! She made adjustments to her investments and savings immediately and was so grateful for taking the time with me. The fact that an unbiased service did not exist anywhere else was shocking, as well as disappointing so I decided to launch it myself. 

My professional experience includes; helping people negotiate mortgages, payment arrangments, advocacy in small claims court and the Landlord Tenant Board, Landlord negotiations, liason between clients and their workers, Directors and the front line, chairing financial committess, Boards of Directors, teaching at the local college and presenting for schools, organziations & events.


My personal experience in becoming a home owner and the realities of home ownership, raising children, separation, becoming a Landlord and organzing community activites for more than 20 years, combined with my "old job" gives me a well rounded perspective that can appreciate all sides to situations. I have a wealth of information & experience to share as well as an amazing network for the services I do not offer, such as debt consolidation, investments and insurance.


The best part, my only agenda is to serve you and make the world a better place. You won't see pop up ads or sponsorships that may have you questioning our unbiased approach. Instead I encourage my clients to continue working with the professionals that they have good relationships with now but if they are seeking new professionals, I refer to those I actually know to be respectful and competent. I do not gain from referrals except by having access to services and timely information that may benefit my clients. 


You CAN say goodbye to money stress & worry and instead WELCOME peace of mind & confidence into your life!!!

Getting an overhauI of your finances will reframe money in a way that will RELIEVE yourself of financial burdens & CONNECT you to a new, exciting way of life! Once you feel in control of your finances, you begin living life from a place of happiness, joy and prosperity, creating life, instead of reacting to it.  

You will love to plan when those plans are about your dreams & desires! You will make confident financial decisions that are right for you easily and after working with us, you can finally focus on what you enjoy most in life! Expanding your business? Travel? Rental properties? Being home with your kids? What will it be like to feel that, NOW I CAN

The Money Counsellor offers many types of services & resources at different price points, to learners all over the world! From in person and online events, live or pre-recorded, to a variety of clients, familes, youth, single and small business owners... and we keep adding more resources to help more people!

Thank YOU for not giving up on yourself!!! You have come to the right place! YOU ARE WORTH IT and I'm so excited for YOU!!! :) 


Cheers, to changing our stories :D

Janet xo

Janet Ries, RSSW

The Money Counsellor