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Janet Ries, RSSW, Founder/CEO The Money Counsellor


The Money Counsellor's approach to helping people is highly interactive and foundational to all other aspects of life. We provide client directed solutions that help simplify & clarify one of the most relevant facets of our lives - money. We primarily help others around achieving goals such as; paying off debt, lifestyle transitions, buying and selling homes, rental properties and retirement, all which result in attaining increased peace of mind and confidence.


First following her vision of becoming an accountant, Janet Ries, Founder, felt accounting to be an isolating career choice, so instead she graduated with a Human Services Diploma complimented by Certification in Business Analysis and Solution Focused Counselling. 


Her first helping role began in 2003, serving over 750 families annually, helping them access programs and services with an 800# direct to her home office. Within a short period of time, Janet saw the need to help clients simplify their financial lives as what they were doing was not working in their best interest. Therefore she used her very own financial routine to create a repeatable money management system that she could share and teach others. She was taken back by the profound positive feedback she received and realized that her system could really help people propel their lives.


"We don't know what we don't know” and having worked front line to thousands of families and small businesses over the ten years of that career, Janet has been blessed to combine her personal skills with her practical skill set to offer this compelling new service. Janet coupled her skill of numbers and her love of people to create a business that would help other's master their most challenging dilemma in life, money management.


Janet has a profound ability to translate, organize and simplify numbers & paperwork. She can create a clear picture of your finances so that clients can understand their situation, so much so they actually feel the stress and complexities melt away.


Working with high income households and established businesses has shown her how needed this service really is. "Many clients are working on financial aspects above their comprehension, without this foundational piece. This realization is what made this shift in clients so easy for me. It is in society's best interest to help homeowners who have good careers improve their lives overall then have to help them navigate the health or social service system later on down the road."


As a Registered Social Service Worker for over a decade, your personal details are treated with the utmost confidence and respect. Janet understands the stress and shame that individuals and families under social pressure and financial constraints feel. She understands the sensitivity of the topic of money and wants you to know that The Money Counsellor can help you to overcome the shame, blame and denial that you may be feeling.


Janet draws on her money management skills to balance a household, a business and a rental duplex while creating a stress free home environment, even as a mother of teenagers. She knows how challenging it can be to stay on top of everyday life. Loving her work helps and having limited stress is a huge part of her success.


She maintains her designation as a Registered Social Service Worker with The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. This governing body protects the interest of the public by regulating the practice of social workers and social service workers and promoting ethical and professional practice. The OCSWSSW is recognized for its mandatory continuing competence program and oversight and accountability to the community at large. They oversee transparency, professional conduct and offer a public complaint process for anyone who retains service in Ontario from a social worker or social service worker. This protection is written directly into every client contract of The Money Counsellor for her client’s peace of mind.


We welcome you to explore our website further to discover the positive changes The Money Counsellor can bring to you and your life.


Cheers, to changing our stories!


Our Mission Statement

The Money Counsellor provides products and services and acts as an objective source for money management skills, budgetting and resources, to teach financial self reliance to households & small business, worldwide.