Hello. I’m Janet Ries, The Money Counsellor.

I am SO excited that you have decided to stop living paycheck to paycheck! Cheers to changing your money story!

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to stay on top of everyday life. As a single mother of 2 teenagers, I get it. But I didn't always. While maxing out my own lines of credit and seeing the intimate financial details of thousands of families, I got the AH-HA moments that brought me to today. Ten years working for the Region of Durham, helping 750 families a year access essential services made me realize just how many people didn't know how to manage money. So, I taught them "my way" and "my way" actually made sense to them! Not only that but the system I taught them empowered them to improve and simplify their financial lives.

Teaching at Durham College showed me how my people skills combined with the practical numbers, really resonated with others. When I started my business in 2010, I was helping families and small businesses finally get an understanding of where they were at, and more importantly how they could get where they really wanted to go!

Who doesn't want to live financially stress free? Who doesn't want to focus on their relationships, feel joy and do the things they love instead of stressing, worrying and fighting about money? 

As you know there is no school to teach you about money. I am self taught, with Certification in Solution Focused Counselling, Business Analysis, a diploma in Human Services, 10 years running an office and 10 years helping families get out of the worst crisis' you can imagine. In 2010 I started my business, sparked by the calls coming in from families with good jobs but in financial crisis due to the recession. Or at least they thought it was due to that.

The Money Counsellor provides the OBJECTIVE financial education we all need.

With my easy-to-follow system, people are immediately able to understand their finances. My clients tell me how they can actually feel years of money stress melt away. When we work together, I treat you and your personal information with the utmost confidence and respect. I understand the importance of confidentiality around your finances and make your privacy my priority as well. This protection is written directly into each contract of The Money Counsellor for your peace of mind.

Are you ready to put money in its place, as a tool where it belongs? Imagine how amazing it will feel to learn you CAN actually pay off your debt, achieve YOUR goals, buy or sell a property and know the best path for your retirement….whatever you want, really!

Book your FREE consultation now, let’s get started!