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Why do people work with The Money Counsellor instead of a bank or a financial advisor?

Mostly because of the niggling fear & self-doubt that never goes away. Making the same "mistakes" over and over,  and never quite getting the support they need becomes obvious to it's purpose. My clients find me :)


Peace of mind is what my clients seek. They appreciate an authentic approach, with someone that can address their concerns with compassion and proactive solutions.

My clients want to enjoy their day-to-day life, not just earn money to pay bills.


Who doesn't want to live financially stress free?

Who doesn't want to focus on their relationships, feel joy and do the things they love instead of stressing or worrying about money?


My name is  Janet Ries (Reese), and I am Founder of The Money Counsellor.

I am a mortgage consultant and provide money & alignment counselling, addressing the practical & spiritual aspects of money.

I work with households that have big goals. Sometimes those big goals encompass getting rid of what feels like a big problem.


I personally developed the Evergreen Budgeting System and all of the on-line programs I offer my mortgage clients as part of my specialized service. 

I enjoy being able to support clients to "allow" their financial dreams & desires rather than to "fix" anything. Clients benefit from doing less, not more.


The world really can become your oyster once you realize that YOU are the pearl. Take that next step. Claim your right to peace and joy, each & every day. I live it and therefore, you can too! Step towards the life you want to create for yourself. Reach out today! 905.442.8801      [email protected]


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