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Why do people work with The Money Counsellor?

Mostly because they are tired of this chronic feeling of "never having enough" whether it be around their money, time or energy.  Inauthentic corporate experiences also drive people to seek a more genuine connection & service from someone like myself.

Some clients are tired of feeling stuck while others are done making the same "mistakes",  yet never quite getting the support they need to do something different.  


Peace of mind is what my clients seek. They appreciate my authentic approach, with  compassion for their stressors and positive solutions. My clients want to enjoy their day-to-day life to the fullest, not just earn money to pay bills and get 2 weeks off a year... to have fun in retirement. Seriously?


Who doesn't want to live financially stress free now?

Who doesn't want to feel joy and do the things they love instead of stressing or worrying about money?


My name is  Janet Ries (Reese). Working in social services, education & real estate, I witnessed the distortion between the systems and the people they supposedly served. Needless to say I felt compelled to create The Money Counsellor to teach people how to manage money since that was the core aspect to their despair. It was very well received.

I have continued to evolve my business and now provide holistic services that uplift humanity around all aspects of finances, practical, beliefs and most recently, their vibration.

I personally developed the Magic Money Makeover and Evergreen Budgeting System and all of the on-line programs I offer. I enjoy guiding clients to "allow" their financial dreams & desires rather than to "fix" anything.

Connecting client's external world with their internal world gives them a whole new perspective and opportunity to claim an elevated life for themselves. It is not only possible, it is probable, when you work with The Money Counsellor.


Claim your right to live in love, peace & abundance each & every day.

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