About The Money Counsellor

Hello! And welcome!  I’m Janet Ries, The Money Counsellor.

I am SO excited that you have decided to make your financial wellness a priority in your life!

Cheers, to you changing your money story!

There is nothing I enjoy more than working with passionate business owners & households that are ready to get to the next level of their life. Every client is a new experience and witnessing their success reinforces my own passion for this work.

I primarily work with advantaged households; those with careers and decent incomes, self-employed, as well as Business Owners with up to million dollar revenues.

Why would they work with me you ask?

9 times out of 10 it is because of the niggling self-doubt that never goes away, fear of the future or the fact they are bringing in good revenue but killing themselves doing it. Balance and peace of mind is what my clients seek.

Most have been doing their best and are finally ready to become more sure of their finances. They want to make confident financial decisions. They want to move forward in their lives, leaving the heaviness of doubt and fear behind.

My clients also appreciate objective support and advice. They don't want to be sold something and they certainly don't want to be made to feel bad or guilty about their choices. 

They want clarity so that they can make decisions to save money and time and achieve their goals. And they want someone who is objective, caring and that they can trust with the most intimate details of their life. What is more intimate then finances?


Who doesn't want to live financially stress free?

Who doesn't want to focus on their relationships, feel joy and do the things they love instead of stressing, worrying and fighting about money? 


As you know there is no school to teach us about money. I developed this system myself, have Certification in Solution Focused Counselling, and Business Analysis and 10 years helping families get out of the worst financial crisis' you can imagine. 

My own experience as a Landlord, contractor of my own home demolition and build, and now a single parent, are all roles that enhance the knowledge I offer my clients.


The Money Counsellor provides OBJECTIVE financial support & advice.

With my easy-to-follow system, people are immediately able to comprehend and plan their finances. My clients tell me how they can actually feel years of money stress melt away. 

I offer this service in your own home, over video call if not local, in DIY on-line format, and most recently Magic Money Makeover express, where I do all the work for you, for your convenience!

We offer on-line programs and counselling services on aspects of money that are next level, such as mindset, belief & shifting from fear to abundance! 

The first step, however, is to put money in its place, as a tool where it belongs. Imagine how amazing it will feel to learn you CAN pay off your debt, achieve YOUR goals, buy or sell real estate or know what retirement CAN look like?!

The world really can become your oyster.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a client please reach out via text 905.442.8801 email [email protected] or you can book a call with me on my on-line scheduler here.

Or check out our on-line DIY program for housheolds Magic Money Makeover. 

Get started now! There is no better time than the present. You are here for a reason, so honour that reason, because nothing will change unless your approach does :)


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