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Hello! And welcome!  I’m Janet Ries (Reese), Founder of The Money Counsellor.

I am SO excited that you have decided to make financial wellness a priority in your life.

I enjoy working with passionate business owners & households that are ready to get to the next level of their life. Every client is a new experience and witnessing their success reinforces my passion for what I do.

I primarily work with advantaged households; those with careers and decent incomes, self-employed, as well as Business Owners with million dollar revenues. However, I also have extensive experience working with low income families, seniors and getting people out of predatory lending situations.

Why do people work with me?

9 times out of 10 it is because of their niggling self-doubt that never goes away. Often because deep inside they fear their future or they are bringing in good income or revenue but killing themselves doing it.

Balance and peace of mind is what my clients seek.

My clients want clarity so that they can make decisions to reclaim a good amount of money and time to achieve their juicy goals but still enjoy life day to day.

And they want someone who is capable, caring and that they can trust with the most intimate details of their life. There is nothing more intimate then finances, right?

Who doesn't want to live financially stress free?

Who doesn't want to focus on their relationships, feel joy and do the things they love instead of stressing or worrying about money?


As you know they don't teach us about money in school. I personally developed the Evergreen Budgeting System and all of the on-line programs I offer. I have Certification in Solution Focused Counselling, and Business Analysis with more then 20 years helping individuals &  families with gaining financial wellness, their financial dreams or getting out of financial crisis.


The world really can become your oyster once you realize that you, my dear, are the pearl. It all begins with you and what you do right now!


Let's connect to see if we want to work together :)


Janet @TheMoneyCounsellor.com


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