Hello, and welcome! I'm Janet Ries.


After many years working in and experiencing the 3D systems: social services, education, finance, health care & justice, how I felt in my day-to-day life stayed the same. Other then the odd "win", life felt like a loop of the "same old".

"This is the way it is" was a common reply, and a common thought.


The details of how much more money I had or didn't have, how many more assets I accumulated, did not change much either. Sure it gave me more responsibilities but those aspects did not make me "feel happier".

I was still rushing. I was still stressed. I was still protecting, saving, keeping track of. I became aware that this was not the kind of life that I consciously signed up for.

So, I began to explore things that were intriguing. New things, not to make money anymore, but to follow what felt good instead. I learned about energy, vibration & ascension. I devoted my life to become my own experiment. To see what I could create from this new approach.

What if life didn't have to be about what we "had" to do?

What if life could be about doing less, not more?

What if life could be about how we feel as opposed to what we have or a title?


This higher vibrational realm is understood & experienced by me now. Because of my devotion to learning, applying and practising, I have risen above all that no longer served me. I said goodbye to the chaos, the drama, the trauma, the fear, the lack, all of the energy of the 3D world that had me in it's clutches for so long. They are no longer in my reality.

Crazy that this is even possible, right?!


Was it a process? Indeed. Yet with no regrets I now live above the distortions of the 3D world that is all around me. I manifest my desires within minutes, hours or days, it matters not, as time is fluid when you live from a present state.

This, my friend, is the best trip I have ever taken!

As you raise your vibration you gain clarity and understanding around this. As you maintain your new vibration you become balanced in your energy, peaceful in your mind and heart. You understand things from a higher perspective and the conflict fades away. Slowly but surely.

In 5D vibration no one is homeless. Nothing is sad. There is no conflict. Nothing is bad. All is divine here and it only makes sense once you allow yourself to become open to it being so.

It is our vibration that creates our perception.... and our perception creates our reality.

I've claimed my right to live in limitless abundance, peace & love, each & every day!

Know that it is now a choice.


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