Hello there!

I have been helping others realize their potential to become joyful & rich in their own lives since 2003.

When you believe it can be so, it will be!

And if you're not quite there, have faith that just reading this is beginning the process!!! I am SO excited for you!

Imagine.... day-to-day life that feels positive, you feel safe, you feel joy, and you feel that way 90% of the time !!! Wow right!

Oh how delicious it is to take charge of our own experience. And having the money piece under wraps is a HUGE part!

I want that for you too...so here are a few resources to get your wheels turning....on your way to where you want to be! I hope they are helpful to you in some way.

Don't forget, finding gratitude and joy where you are right now will help you get there AND allow you to enjoy the ride!



Easy Check-in for Couples

Do you wish you and your partner were on the same page about money? It’s the most important factor for families if they want to succeed & achieve while still enjoying life! Start here! And if you can’t get there on your own, The Money Counsellor is here for you!

40 ways to save $500

The more “boring” places we save money, the more money we have to do the things we enjoy! Getting into a forward motion of money is the first step to achieving all you dream & desire! The Money Counsellor can help no matter where you are at!

40 ways to save $1,000

Want to save money right away? Implement any of these tips to potentially save thousands of dollars every year! Getting into a forward motion of money is the first step to achieving all that you dream & desire! The Money Counsellor can help no matter where you are at!

Financial Documentation & Maintenance Checklist

Don’t pay top dollar when you find out your passport is expired checking in your luggage at the airport! Let the Money Counsellor help you stay on top of all your important documentation and how often to review them.

Financial Wellness for Families

The reason you think living paycheck to paycheck is normal is because everything on the internet says it is! Print off this snapshot to help you understand what aspects make up financial wellness. It’s like building a house. You have to have a strong foundation, or things can get pretty shaky! The Money Counsellor helps you achieve the first level of wellness.

Financial Wellness for Business

There are so many hats we wear as business owners! Even though the financial aspects are the foundational piece to a sustainable business, they are often the weakest point for too many! With this snapshot, you can see how important finances really are to creating a life long and profitable business! The Money Counsellor helps with the first level of financial wellness.

SEE the Difference

Paycheck to paycheck - the daily grind….no matter what you call it, they both suck! Here I show you visually what the grind looks like. Then compare it to the flow The Money Counsellor creates for families & businesses, just like yours, so you can enjoy your life wholeheartedly! Just imagine how different life can be!


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