Simplifying Money Management

budgeting finances May 28, 2021

Taking ownership of your life is a massive shift for some people.  Taking ownership of your money can be as well.

You see, people don't realize that being in control of their money is actually an option. 90% of people react to money. It comes in, they spend it. The bill arrives, they pay it. Your employer wants you to work overtime, you do that. Each example is a snippet of how reactive we really are. Picture a horse being led around by a rope. They go where they are led, right? Exactly. And so do the majority when it comes to money.

Have you ever considered being proactive with your money? Making decisions based on your predetermined values or goals instead of what you are "led" to do? This shift influences all other decisions you will make in your life. This is big, right?

Here are 4 tweaks you can make to your finances that will get you back into the drivers seat with your money. Vroom!

1) Instead of paying the bill when it says it's due or when it comes in, what if you...

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