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energy money vibration Feb 05, 2021

As is written in our astrology, the Piscean Age has promoted a veneer of “looking good”. Yet underneath was a false sense of security and confidence that often the person themselves was not even aware of.

How could that be?

Society has kept us busy… doing, accumulating, consuming, distracted, medicating lol. Pick your poison. In this past Piscean Age there was no space for any new awareness. Even if there was a glimpse, the low vibration of the planet squashed any hint of love and light. When the hippies created a revolution, all television screens soon flashed how dangerous hippies were and it was over before it really got started.


Fast forward 60 years where we are into the Age of Aquarius, and you will notice that the tide has gone out. The sand is exposed with many creatures lying on their backs, gasping for air. Gasping for life. Gasping for well being. Searching for any sense of who they are and wondering what happened to the façade they were told was the “good” life?


Looking at the dynamics of how our life has unfolded can surely make us want to retreat into a cave. It can be shocking how fear of the future and not having enough, coupled with the need for external validation has been the root of our entire existence. But please, be gentle on yourself.

How could we have done anything different? It was what we saw modelled to us, from our own families and communities. The media, in every form, repeated the same messaging as well. When it came to women, we were just happy to vote and be able to drive lol.


Some may be quick to judge those who this may be true for, but this is not about being wrong or right. Trust me, we have all made our choices. And from those choices we manifested the relationships and experiences that matched the energy we put out. For better, or for worse.


But that is all changing. The life we have lived up until now is up for review. We are feeling the manifestation of our vibration big time and there is great purpose in this.

That purpose is for you to become conscious of these truths and to remedy your actions of the past. It’s called karma. We are at a time where people are being held to take responsibility for every negative creation they have contributed to the collective energy. Whether that means as a consequence, an ailment or suffering, it could be all three, and it really depends on your beliefs, but in these newer higher vibrations it can also be mediated in other ways.

The very first thing to do if you want to reverse the energy you have contributed, is to become aware of how money has dictated your life. How have you treated others, for money? How have you deceived others, for money? How have you put money before loved ones and your own well being? Who have you used, for money?

Take some time to reflect, feel your emotions and even write down some of the ways your ego may have avoided this truth, until now. Taking these actions are acknowledging and flowing with the new energies on the planet and will support you towards a higher timeline & vibration.


Why do you want a higher timeline? Because your timeline attracts your present life experience and since your vibration is where you manifest this from, you want to face your fears and clear any lower vibrations in order to stop them from manifesting in your life.  It’s where humanity is at. You cannot run or hide, and the sooner we stop trying, the better.

Whether we express or deny this is irrelevant. Vibration is your truth no matter what your mind or ego tries to make you believe. Acknowledging, healing, resolving and practising coming into alignment with your soul/higher self will assist you in the new world in which we now live and get you to a place that feels much better. A place where you can once again breath, but from a higher elevation. One you can be proud of, yourself.


This can feel like a massive endeavour, especially with what is happening around us. However, now that you are aware, I am here to support you with your mortgage, money counselling or alignment/vibration counselling, where I can model what this looks like so you can experience what it feels like too and practice it in your own life as well. 

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