What is Vibration?

Vibration is the overall energetic pattern that we hold within our energetic field. Our energetic field is made up of our main four bodies: our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Our thoughts, words, actions, non-actions and intentions is what determines our overall vibration.


These vibrational patterns make up our aura and is what attracts (creates and aligns) a similar energetic response. This is what manifestation is. We witness manifestation of our vibration immediately, beginnning with our emotions, physical reactions, words, actions or non-actions (deemed positive or negative). Only when you practise and observe your own vibration can you begin to discern between the vibration you are holding/offering and that which is external to you hold and offer. This is key to mastering your own vibration and thus, manifesting your effortless authentic life.


When we look at our world, we see that it is full of judgement, labels and rules. When we try to make sense of it, we get lost in this chaos as everything leads to something else and there are no solutions that serve everyone. That is why it is so easy for many to just do what they are told. To try and make sense of it all feels frustrating and hopeless. That is why there are so many coping options readily available, such as credit/shopping, alcohol, pot, vacations, "health" treatments, gambling.....all to give you that instant gratification of feeling better/good/safe for the moment, only for your energy to be swept back into the low vibration of stress, fear and conflict once again as that energy subsides. And the cycle continues. This is all humanity has known, until now. That is the 3D paradigm that keeps humanity stuck in low vibration.


Society has programmed us to value status over integrity. To value a slumlord who owns multiple properties and drives a Mercedes over a day care providers who is paid minimum wage to care for our children. Many people who subconsciously follow their programming to "be successful" in this perceived dog eat dog world live with the internal conflict of feeling bad, guilty or being disconnected from their feelings every day in order to feel a (programmed) false sense of security of status and money.

Conflict is the main cause of what creates and maintains low vibration. This conflict exists between your subconscious beliefs (programmed) and what your conscious/heart/Soul desires.  As we raise our vibration/ascend, we essentially make our programming conscious and therefore can dissolve it and create energetic alignment within ourselves.


In other words, our average vibration is what attracts the people, places and experiences of the same vibration into our lives. When we recognize this truth, we can take ownership for it and make new choices that align with this new belief. This is what I did. This is how I broke free from the limitations, distractions and the trauma and drama of the 3D (3rd dimensional vibration) and began to co-create my new life experience. It was a trip!

Vibration stems from consistent focus. Focusing on your vibration(how you feel) is a simplified way of living. It allows you to SEE AND FEEL the difference when you focus on your vibration, compared to when you focus on the external 3D world around you. Once you feel the difference you can begin to make new choices. This is when you become excited to live once again!


When you consciously choose to undergo a vibrational journey, you in essence claim responsibility for your own vibration and therefore your own life experience. You begin to see all that has been programmed into your mind that makes no sense. As you raise your vibration, you see the programming for what it is. With this new awareness it can be felt and dissolved, revealing your innate manifestation power that was buried underneath all that programming!

You deserve to feel free, loved, joyful & peaceful. On the soul level, we all do. Vibration is just one of many ways to get here. However, vibration is the most direct path I found.

You can live in fear of all the changes happening on earth, clinging to what you were programmed to believe was true, OR you can embrace the journey knowing many of us have already ascended successfully and live in new earth 5D bliss right now. Each person has their own freewill. We must decide for ourselves, and it helps to respect where others are at in their own journey at the same time.

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