What is a Vibrational Shift?

Vibration is a measurement of the movement of the energy within your energetic bodies, as documented by Dr. Hawkins in the Emotional Scale posted below.  When we maintain a higher (or lower) vibration through our consistent and more dominant choices made over a period of time, we essentially are sending a message to the Universe. THIS is what I choose. We tend to migrate between approx. 4 of the levels, with hits of lower and higher until we stabilize our energy.


When you begin making new choices, after extended consistency and being what can be considered "tested", if you maintain that new vibration, you will elevate and shift your vibration to the next level. This happens in accordance with the planet's eclipse seasons and solstices, as well as the monthly moon cycles. This is why you will notice being "tested" often at these specific time periods.

This can look like many things. It can look like 35 year friendships, jobs, partners, hobbies and roles held for many years. As I raised my vibration and began to value myself and my vibration over these stories/attachments or pieces of my perceived identity, I would no longer degrade myself or my environment just to maintain what felt "comfortable".


As we raise our vibration there are moments that can feel uncomfortable. When we are treated poorly. When we connect dots that hit us like a ton of bricks of how we have been contributing to our very own suffering for so long. And yet, these are the choice points that allow us to vibrationally shift. They require us to acknowledge, to feel, to write, to purge, to see clearly, and rest in that new vibration. In our new perception. This shift occurs in all of our fields and also in every one of our physical cells.

It is when we do this, over and over again, when we love ourselves first, and focus on our vibration, not the circumstance or the perceived consequence, that we energetically say YES and shift into a higher vibration. Permanently.

As that shift solidifies, you will witness the ease in your energy field. You will witness the lessening of your triggers. You will observe the elevation in all areas of your life because as your vibration elevates, so does your life experience. Over and over again.

And this process never actually ends. My life just keeps getting better and better! I am having experiences now that I only ever saw on tv. And this is the difference between 3D & 5D.

3D society wants you to WATCH others live the life of your dreams.  In 5D vibration, we claim it for ourselves.

And I did it all through focusing on raising & maintaining my vibration. It is a trip!



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