What a 5D Relationship with Money Looks Like

The very first thing that you should know when you shift from having a 3D relationship with money to having a 5D relationship with money is that you barely think or talk about money anymore. That is the biggest shift!

Does that stress you out, or does it relieve you?

I think many people may wonder, what will I talk and think about then? lol


When I think back to how focused I was on money in my life, between the bank accounts, the bills, the goals, the flyers, the shopping, and the management of it all, no wonder I was so stressed! As The Money Counsellor it was fascinating when I shifted from a purely practical approach, about the numbers, saving, spending, debt, interest rates to the holistic perspective that included the practical and my energetic relationship with money.


The very first program I developed was called “Unpack Your Money Baggage. Developing it gave me new insight into my own relationship to money and since then I have not stopped expanding!

Not only did money drop from my daily consideration, in ways of thinking, learning, doing and planning, but it could in other ways as well. For those that may have a more negative relationship with money and money stress, all the worry, debt and fear goes away too!

And just to be clear, 5D and 3D are merely different perceptions or perspectives. Also known as different states of consciousness or different dimensions or densities of vibration. Pick what resonates best for you as they essentially mean all the same thing.


Have you ever known anyone super negative about something that you had maybe a different, more positive point of view about? And because of your “perspective” you likely felt more at ease and acceptance around the topic, whereas the other person was adamant about being right, about making you change your mind maybe even? Hey, no judgement here. We all sit on both sides for some topics in our lives! lol

Well, this example would illustrate a 3D versus 5D consciousness.


At one time I thought these were merely opinions, people being right or wrong, which I learned was just judgement lol. After reading a fantastic book called Power vrs Force by Dr.Hawkins I totally embraced seeing things as different levels of consciousness and began to notice and practise applying them in my own life.


I am glad I have been practising for awhile now, as dealing with what's happneing in the world from a 3D perspective would be extremely uncomfortable. I now carve my own path and focus on what I want, all from the strength of what I have already overcome. It was a transition and a huge experiment of focus and practise, but it turned out to be a risk that paid off!

Money is no longer my focus as I am abundant and have more then enough as I carry out work I enjoy. I live in the present and no longer worry about what may or may not happen later. The best part, well that is definitely the peace of mind I feel each day. Not based on my net worth. Not based on my savings. Not based on what will happen in 20 years from now, but by what is happening right now in this very moment.

That is my vibration and therefore the level from which I attract other people, opportunities and experiences. That alone makes vibration so much fun!

You see, in 5D you consciously choose your own life experience. Money is merely a form of energy. And for that reason, I see money will be the the hardest aspect for many to evolve from, as money has been programmed to be most people's priority above absolutely everything else.

What will it take? I'm not sure. Maybe the crash of housing, investments and pensions would make people release the 3D hold money has on them. Hopefully people will have adjusted their grip and focus on money by then, because if your entire identity is around money, having a world financial shift that erodes all that represents who you are would be devastating to a psyche.

If this is you, think about this. Not out of fear, but out of self preservation. You are worth far more then just your money. Start noticing.

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