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Most of my life, I lived in a material world. Madonna told me so lol.

Everything was measured, kept track of, judged, and externally motivated. It was all about what I owned, how I looked, what I consumed or what I was working towards, yet I was not aware of this higher perspective. I thought it was my choices, but really it was programing. External repetitive messaging.


This focus on external aspects, on what was identified through each of my physical senses, was so prominent that it felt like that was all that mattered.

Until, I began to pay attention to how I actually felt in relation to the "external things in my life.


Feeling unfulfilled, like there must be something more to life, did not go away. So, I began to consciously “do” things that I was told would bring me to a better feeling state. When they didn’t, I felt confused and often disappointed and resentful. Many days I felt like WTF!


The best part about not being happy is it motivates us to seek out happiness. When we notice that we are just going in circles we decide to seek out why.  So, after half my lifetime of building and accumulating, without experiencing the happiness I was promised, I decided to take a new path.


This new path was overgrown and barely noticeable to most, but something inside of me was UBER excited to go there. I always loved adventure!

I was determined to stay focused on the joy I wanted to feel, and less on the material things. It became apparent that I could not step into new beliefs without unhinging from the old.

My path became a solitary one. One where my own feelings and well being became my priority. My life was now a scientific experiment you know lol!  I chose to become more focused on my energy, rather than on anything or anyone else's. This is how I shifted from a material world focused on money, to an energetic world of abundance.

What if we lived in an energetic or vibrational environment, as well as a physical one?

What if our world is one that returns to us the energy or “vibe” of what we put out?

How would your life improve if your output was led by your feelings/emotion and no longer only through physical and/or mental effort?


Questions like these begin to crack the dense 3D programmed reality and help us begin to lighten up. The sun begins to shine through the cracks.


After lots of exploration, I learned that everything is energy. Every single thing is in a state of constant movement, whether you can see that movement or not. The desk that my laptop is sitting on is actually moving. I know, crazy right?! Yet, energy and mass are the same thing, just in different forms. (Einstein)


So, if we accept this understanding, then all may not be what we have been told in this physical world after all. Ohhhhh!


Let’s explore money from this energetic level.

Many people think that money is what offers us a lifestyle and that our lifestyle is what makes us happy. I realized that this more of a marketing message that others profit from, then truth. Think about it. How often do we make decisions based on something that “feels” good AND is “good” for us?

Never lol. People usually choose things because they “should” or because they “have to”. Can you feel the energy of that? Ugh.


How would things change if we began to choose what we enjoy AND what feels good? Can you feel the difference in the energy? Thus, lies the magic of vibration/energyin relation to our emotions/feelings. Do you see NOW why the pharmaceutical companies and guvenrment want you to ingest more chemicals that BLOCK you from feeling right.


When we worry about being able to pay our bills, our job security or our future, we are putting out the energy of those thoughts. We may also be writing about those fears, sharing our fears, speaking about them and then noticing how they are actually happening/manifesting too.  

When our output is at a “negative” energetic level, it makes sense that we WILL manifest exactly what we deem to be true and continue to speak/feel/write/believe it into reality.

If you are constantly focused on how prices are skyrocketing, jobs are disappearing, the government is failing us or your savings are diminishing, please understand that you are essentially making sure that all these things become/are or remain true for you. Yes, I know it is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s worth it because this adjustment of your perception is what shows you how powerful you are, more than you ever knew before.


I learned that you don’t have to work harder. You don’t even have to work smarter.  No 5am mornings or being a people pleaser anymore.

What will actually serve you and all of humanity is if we actually do less, and focus upon raising our vibration so that we feel good as much as possible. Once you do this and maintain it as consistently as possible, you allow opportunities, people and experiences at THAT new energetical level to meet you where you are now at.


Take ownership of your own energy. Stop letting the external world tell your money story for you. Focus on how you feel. Notice how it is already true in some small way, and watch that expand. Money is merely a reflection of the energy we put out which stem from our beliefs. Everything in our life is. Notice that.

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