Shifting From Material to Vibrational

This shift I keep sharing about, from material to vibrational a.k.a. from 3D to 5D, it is a process. It is a gradual process, a constant purge and intake of new higher vibrational energy. You cannot just jump from living in the 3D and all that 3D encompasses to 5D. It is just not possible. However, you can do it, step by step, consciously. Today I want to share the basics of how to do just that.


1) Deal with what is in front of you right now.

When something triggers a negative emotion, ask questions like, how am I feeling? Do I enjoy this? Do I have to do this or receive this? If so, why? If not, why am I?

Journal. Reflect on your answers. Applying this process to every aspect of your life that causes you grief or discomfort, fear or doubt will allow you to examine your intentions, beliefs and start culling what no longer serves your well being. You will be surprised at just how much we have been programmed to "allow" what actually makes us feel like sh*t. Start taking responsibility and protecting your own energy.


2) Listen to your body.

This work will trigger traumas in our energetic body/field that may have never been touched before. This may create STRONG feelings inside of you, and outside as well, ugh. This "inner" work is the most powerful and important work you will ever do. As you do it, the energetic makeup of your body, each and every single cell will transform. This is why you need to HONOUR your body. That means, rest when you feel exhausted, even if that means going to bed at 7pm. Are you still hungry, eat! Let go of the old paradigms of time and health and all the other rules that are quickly expiring as people realize that it is those never ending rules, restrictions and burdens that are actually making us sick. As you raise your vibration all that is good for you will come naturally, without having to be told what to do or get permission or approval from any authority outside of yourself.


3) Follow your Heart

This shift is that of operating primarily from the brain/logical mind/ego to that of the heart/soul/spirit. Therefore, when we are acting from our well ingrained 3D habits & patterns we will often put forth effort, problem solve, figure things out. Be aware. The last thing you need to do during this shift is more of that. The best thing you can do is less and instead go "inside". Feel the feelings that are leading you to “do”, and sit in a quiet place to “be” instead. That panic feeling is a trauma response that needs release, and unless you need to set a boundary, leave a situation or get to a safe place, your ego is likely distracting you from creating that soft space of self love to feel it and release it that your soul is actually calling you to. When in doubt, feel more.


There are many aspects to this journey, but these basics will get you started. Take it one step at a time…..and get excited to evolve as a human! We are shifting from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius and it is a trip!!! This is the very first time this is happening on our planet so it is actually a miracle and super exciting to be a part of this most excellent adventure!

Catch the wave now so you stay afloat sailor.

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