Reclaim Your Energy to Strike it Rich

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break free from the constraints of society

Society imposes it’s beliefs and ways of doing things onto us.

This has happened through our parents & caregivers, the education system, all systems actually, friends, media sources etc.

Repetitive messaging becomes solidified as belief systems and therefore default ways of being. We become stagnant in the busyness of consumption and doing more. The “being” in human being has almost been totally eradicated.


Becoming aware of this will help you to:

  1. identify where this is true in your own life and
  2. make conscious choices more often


Let’s tease this out to get more specific. Have you ever thought of all the things you ”have to” keep track of or manage in your life?

Your schedule, your home, bills, money, work, kids, yard, pets, plants, food, events, occasions, neighbours, family, your car, your toys, your goals, technology, your health, your obligations, expectations, vacation days, receipts, benefits, ingredients, your weight, the score, your progress, appointments, groceries, cleaning, décor, chores, laws, by-laws, rules, procedures, policies, norms, recycling, composting, garbage days… OMG it’s garbage day and I have missed it twice already!!!

There. I took it out. In fact, it has been 6 weeks since I took the garbage out last. Funny how today of all days I remembered. Or is it 😉 I was able to squish all my garbage into the limit of 4 bags. We are only 2 people living here, however, putting out garbage, recycling & compost every week is something I have let go of. It goes out when I think to and not because someone told me it was the day I "should" do it.  

Same as bills. I pay my bills once a month as opposed to the date they say it is due on.

What if we could apply this way of thinking to every single thing we have been programmed to keep track of, maintain or do? What if…


I’ll tell you what happened to me when I did this. I gained a whole lot of time and energy, that's for sure! And in our world, our energy reflects how “well” we are doing and so therefore, our energy is essentially more valuable than money. Now more than ever it is rare to find someone not on any medication, without any physical labels or illness/disease, feeling calm, balanced and optimistic. Do you think there is a correlation?

Once I got a taste of how “letting go” of things reclaimed more energy for myself, I  began to consciously look at the reciprocity of other things as well…


I stopped collecting all the things the school told me I should; pop tabs, labels, empty printer cartridges. I no longer wash my sheets weekly. I no longer do laundry on a particular day. I no longer shop on a particular day, weigh myself, I gave away most of my plants, do not buy more pets as they pass over, I stopped planning everything and setting such stringent goals and timelines, and matter of fact, I even let go of some people, expenses, habits and hobbies that were no longer reciprocal or contributing to my life in a joyful way. Woah right?!


What I realized was that many of these things provided me the comfort of familiarity but not an uplifting or expanded life experience. More and more I access comfort from my own energy and who and what I consciously choose. I decided I didn’t want to do the same things, have the same conversations or be the same person I was for the last 30 years anymore. I wanted to expand!

Once you get to this higher perspective, the energetic space you create allows you to get more balanced in your own energy. This is UBER important because it is from within your OWN energy where creativity explodes, where flow and satisfaction increase, and where you become free from the constraints of society, that you never consciously even consented to in the first place.

Only with this balance, you can embody abundance and your finances reflect that abundance back to you as well.

It’s great to be rich has new meaning to me now. And trust me when I tell you, it feels WAY better then only having lots of money.

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