3D versus 5D - What's the Difference?

Dimensions are frequency levels. The 3rd dimension and the 5th dimensional frequencies are perceived and experienced in different ways.The biggest difference between the 3D & 5D is the root of our thoughts, feelings and choices.

When we hold a 3D frequency, all of our choices stem from the fear based belief systems that have been programmed into us. Our thoughts and feelings stem from the vibration or PERSPECTIVE of fear. Therefore our choices follow and look like prevention, being careful, avoiding etc. All our energy is "invested" into the past, the future and things outside of our own energy or ourselves. You may allow yourself a break only if you're sick, a 2 week vacation, or to work from the cottage, but in this vibration most do not feel ease or peace within their energy fields often, if at all. When you hold a 3D vibration your energy is on constant guard, in protection mode and defensive.

When you hold this vibration you MANIFEST exactly what it is you are trying to avoid. You get insurance on your pet because you are advertised to around stats on pets with cancer. Plus your neighbor's dog got cancer and you talk about it with each other, with emotion, a lot. One day you notice a lump on your pet as you are constantly checking for lumps, and bingo it's diagnosed with "cancer" by the very system that benefits from more and more cancer. And you say, thank goodness we had insurance, not realizing that by you talking about, thinking about, and physically aligning with that belief system that you actually manifested that experience into your life due to your emotional and consistent focus.

This is the 3D cycle of manifestation and it is apparent in every aspect of life.....food, relationships, money, health etc.


On the contrary, when you vibrate on a 5D frequency, you essentially have vibrated out of that fear-based belief system to one where you manifest "positive" things and experiences into your life. It is no longer about something or someone outside of yourself saving, helping or fixing you. It is no longer about prevention, avoidance, control or an empty promise that "may" come in the future. It is no longer about investing your "emotional energy" (focus, thoughts, words, actions) into the 3D systems anymore.

It becomes more about you enjoying your life right NOW. Loving yourself right NOW. Feeling peace in your heart right NOW. Enjoying your OWN energy and all that aligns with love, such as nature, kindness, joy, and peace. What happens when you practise this new perception is that you start to see how you MANIFEST the people, places, and opportunities that MATCH that new vibration into your life, at first in small ways.


No more fear. No more coping. No more begging. No more manipulating. No more yearning. No more stagnation. No more suffering. No more being a victim! Evolution becomes yours for the adventure.

Now more then ever before, this shift is supported by the vibration of the planet that is also ascending into 5D. What you will realize on this journey is that fear is merely an illusion that you keep alive in your vibration based on your beliefs and by what you consume and allow to enter your mind/body/environment which equals your vibration.

In truth you actually have control on where you steer your ship when you align with the higher vibrations. When you prove to yourself that you ARE safe and ALWAYS provided for, you let go and allow the Universe to guide your existence to your highest form of expression. And what that means is effortless living! It means flow. It means conscious choice. And for me it means living the life of my dreams, writing and talking about vibration, driving the convertible I manifested, living on the beach, meeting new people every day, reciprocal relationships, sharing my high vibration with the world so that anyone who wants to claim their best life, knows they can do it too.


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