Simplifying Money Management

budgeting finances May 28, 2021

Taking ownership of your life is a massive shift for some people.  Taking ownership of your money can be as well.

You see, people don't realize that being in control of their money is actually an option. 90% of people react to money. It comes in, they spend it. The bill arrives, they pay it. Your employer wants you to work overtime, you do that. Each example is a snippet of how reactive we really are. Picture a horse being led around by a rope. They go where they are led, right? Exactly. And so do the majority when it comes to money.

Have you ever considered being proactive with your money? Making decisions based on your predetermined values or goals instead of what you are "led" to do? This shift influences all other decisions you will make in your life. This is big, right?

Here are 4 tweaks you can make to your finances that will get you back into the drivers seat with your money. Vroom!

1) Instead of paying the bill when it says it's due or when it comes in, what if you...

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One Vehicle Payment at a Time

budgetting finance May 28, 2021

How many vehicles do you pay for in your household? One? Two? Three, if you include the trailer? Don't you wish you only had one vehicle payment at a time? 

2 or more vehicle loans simultaneously is a hefty monthly commitment. I have seen $1400 in car payments alone and when you add on insurance for 2 vehicles, transportation costs become more than your average mortgage!

Aiming to have only 1 car payment (or less) is an example of what I term "planned spending". This frees up cash flow for your goals and can be done fairly easily with a bit a forward thinking.


1. Instead of waiting to "need" a new vehicle, consciously decide ahead of time.  In my household the oldest vehicle would be the first to get replaced. For example, if my partner had a 2016 and I have a 2020 then he would be next to get a vehicle and we would take turns.


2. Make your payment amortization as short as possible. Finance for no longer than 4-5 years – ideally. In order for...

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Shifting From Material to Vibrational

This shift I keep sharing about, from material to vibrational a.k.a. from 3D to 5D, it is a process. It is a gradual process, a constant purge and intake of new higher vibrational energy. You cannot just jump from living in the 3D and all that 3D encompasses to 5D. It is just not possible. However, you can do it, step by step, consciously. Today I want to share the basics of how to do just that.


1) Deal with what is in front of you right now.

When something triggers a negative emotion, ask questions like, how am I feeling? Do I enjoy this? Do I have to do this or receive this? If so, why? If not, why am I?

Journal. Reflect on your answers. Applying this process to every aspect of your life that causes you grief or discomfort, fear or doubt will allow you to examine your intentions, beliefs and start culling what no longer serves your well being. You will be surprised at just how much we have been programmed to "allow" what actually makes us feel like sh*t. Start taking...

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What a 5D Relationship with Money Looks Like

The very first thing that you should know when you shift from having a 3D relationship with money to having a 5D relationship with money is that you barely think or talk about money anymore. That is the biggest shift!

Does that stress you out, or does it relieve you?

I think many people may wonder, what will I talk and think about then? lol


When I think back to how focused I was on money in my life, between the bank accounts, the bills, the goals, the flyers, the shopping, and the management of it all, no wonder I was so stressed! As The Money Counsellor it was fascinating when I shifted from a purely practical approach, about the numbers, saving, spending, debt, interest rates to the holistic perspective that included the practical and my energetic relationship with money.


The very first program I developed was called “Unpack Your Money Baggage. Developing it gave me new insight into my own relationship to money and since then I have not stopped expanding!


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Where To Go From Here

energy money vibration Feb 05, 2021

As is written in our astrology, the Piscean Age has promoted a veneer of “looking good”. Yet underneath was a false sense of security and confidence that often the person themselves was not even aware of.

How could that be?

Society has kept us busy… doing, accumulating, consuming, distracted, medicating lol. Pick your poison. In this past Piscean Age there was no space for any new awareness. Even if there was a glimpse, the low vibration of the planet squashed any hint of love and light. When the hippies created a revolution, all television screens soon flashed how dangerous hippies were and it was over before it really got started.


Fast forward 60 years where we are into the Age of Aquarius, and you will notice that the tide has gone out. The sand is exposed with many creatures lying on their backs, gasping for air. Gasping for life. Gasping for well being. Searching for any sense of who they are and wondering what happened to the façade they were...

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The Energy of Money

energy money vibration Feb 05, 2021

Most of my life, I lived in a material world. Madonna told me so lol.

Everything was measured, kept track of, judged, and externally motivated. It was all about what I owned, how I looked, what I consumed or what I was working towards, yet I was not aware of this higher perspective.


This focus on external aspects, on what was identified through each of my physical senses, was so prominent that it felt like that was all that mattered.

Until, I began to pay attention to how I actually felt.


Feeling unfulfilled, like there must be something more to life, did not go away. So, I began to consciously “do” things that I was told would bring me to a better feeling state. When they didn’t, I felt confused and often disappointed and resentful. Many days I felt like WTF!


The best part about not being happy is it motivates us to seek out happiness, and when we notice that we are just going in circles we decide to seek out why.  So, after half my...

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Reclaim Your Energy to Strike it Rich

abundance energy vibration Jan 26, 2021

Society imposes it’s beliefs and ways of doing things onto us.

This has happened through our parents & caregivers, the education system, all systems actually, friends, media sources etc.

Repetitive messaging becomes solidified as ways of being. We become stagnant in the busyness of consumption and doing more. The “being” in human being has almost been totally eradicated.


Becoming aware of this will help you to:

  1. identify where this is true in your own life and
  2. make conscious choices to do less, to gain more


Let’s tease this out to get more specific. Have you ever thought of all the things you ”have to” keep track of or manage in your life?

Your schedule, your home, bills, money, work, kids, yard, pets, plants, food, events, occasions, neighbours, family, your car, your toys, your goals, technology, your health, your obligations, expectations, vacation days, receipts, benefits, ingredients, your weight, the score, your progress,...

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