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Want to feel capable & excited about your finances?

Money affects every single aspect of our lives, which is why it is so important to have a positive relationship with money. Want to get out of debt? Have a big financial decision to make? Want to get rid of money stress? We can help! The Money Counsellor is your objective resource for financial wellness!



Reclaim Your Time & Money

It's about way more than money! Save your valuable time. Create space for feeling joy in your life! Say goodbye to constantly thinking about money. How about thinking about it once a week? 

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Our hours accommodate our clients, in the comfort of their own homes and across the globe! You can also access the same tools through our self-directed program, the Magic Money Makeover!

Magic Money Makeover

Get on the Same Page

It can be hard to get on the same page when it comes to money. Create a solid foundation to work from that will make sense to both of you. Become partners & move towards your dreams!

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The Money Counsellor prides itself on being an objective source for foundational money skills. We promote financial self-reliance and are not affiliated with any other financial service.  


Privately, One-on-One

We work for households, entrepreneurs & established business owners! Book your free clarity call here to discuss details around your needs, requirements & associated costs.

Workshops & Speaking

The Money Counsellor offers interactive team building activities & workshops that are inspirational and fun! They will improve the wellness of your team & therefore your business! Inquire today.


Other Products & Services

Once you have the foundational piece in place, enhance your finances with: empowerment, mindset, creating awareness & shifting patterns around money. Become limitless!

"In just 2 short years our family's life has been totally transformed due to working with The Money Counsellor. After I met Janet, I knew if anyone could improve our relationship with our finances, she could. We will reap the rewards for our courage the rest of our lives."

Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown
Reverend, Spirited Healing

"Working with The Money Counsellor gave us the confidence to move forward on one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives! Without the information she offered, I don't know if we would have acted at all, let alone as swiftly or as confidently as we have. Thank you Janet!"

Amanda Perrone

"I had so many people recommend Janet for the amazing work that she does, I just knew we had to hire her! The clarity we gained, and how she helped us overcome some personal money issues, we will be forever recommending her as well!"

Ella Bates
How to Organize That

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