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We offer phone and video consultations to those seeking advice and feedback about their financial situation.

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"After years of struggling to feel confident about money management, Janet was my answer to learning how to turn things around! After all, what teacher can’t handle money, it’s simple math right? Janet builds a foundation with you and teaches you how to be consistent and focused! It is NOT just about numbers. No more shame or doubt around money and I actually feel excited about saving!"

Jennifer Ferguson
Retired Teacher

"Janet was so patient and completely understood my anxiety around my finances. She sat with me and made all the numbers make sense. We worked out a plan that was right for both my family and my small business. It felt like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders that day. "I" now control my finances without the fear and anxiety."

Heather Chapman
Heather Chapman Designs

"After years of asking "where does the money go" my husband and I decided it was time to figure that out. We had a goal to better understand how to set up our finances to live more comfortably. She was able to clearly show how easy this goal can be. We are now able to spend while paying our monthly obligations AND saving all at the same time! I highly recommend her services. "

Tara Arciszewski
Mortgage Broker

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Long Term Relief from Proactive Effort

Financial challenges happen! If you are planning to retire, experiencing debt concerns, a job interruption, marital separation, or illness, it is in your best interest to be proactive financially. 

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Not only are we teachers for those in the financial industry, we are on the leading edge of service, addressing practical needs from a compassionate place. The breadth of our experience makes us much more than a financial service.


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